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Bust shot Colored$45 (simple bg)
Half body Colored$60 (simple bg)
Full body Colored$80 (simple bg)

✦ First come, first serve basis.✦ Please, this is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not sell, redistribute or claim the work as yours.✦ I only accept payments in USD (Paypal / Ko-fi) or PHP (Bank Transfer / Gcash).✦ I will send you a sketch for approval. After approval, a full payment is required before I proceed with your commission. Payment plans can be negotiated.✦ Changes can only be done during the sketch phase, so please let me know if you want something to be adjusted. I won’t accept any changes after working on the sketch.✦ Each commission slot will take at least 1-2 weeks before completion. Rush pieces will entail additional fees. Please let me know beforehand if you want to set a deadline.NO: mecha, old people, r+18 (shoujo-ai/shounen-ai, slight nsfw is OK), furries (animal characteristics are OK).

✦ Prices indicated are per character. Additional characters are $10 off from the base price. Max of 2 characters per piece. (2+ characters are negotiable)✦ Additional fees may be incurred for complex designs, pet, props, weapons and complicated poses.✦ Canvas size: 3000 X 3000 px MAX / 300 dpiClick here for ORDER FORM



#SEPTEMBER 2023TypeProgress
1@Celinefreyja (Twitter)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
2@Mindsebbandflow (DA)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
3@Mindsebbandflow (DA)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
4@noltendo (Twitter)1 chara Colored half bodyDONE
5@noltendo (Twitter)1 chara Colored half bodyDONE
6@WolfsongAven (Twitter)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
7@deadlyzelda (IG)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
#OCTOBER 2023TypeProgress
1@Mindsebbandflow (DA)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
2@Mindsebbandflow (DA)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
3@AmyoftheFlowerField (DA)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
#NOVEMBER 2023TypeProgress
1@lycheeblack3a (DA)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
2@lycheeblack3a (DA)Couple Colored half bodyDONE
3@noltendo (Twitter)Colored half bodysketching
4@WolfsongAven (Twitter)Couple Colored half bodysketching
5@xiao_lianfa (Twitter)--
6@xiao_lianfa (Twitter)--
#DECEMBER 2023TypeProgress
1@noltendo (Twitter)Colored half body-
2@WolfsongAven (Twitter)Couple Colored half bodylineart
3@xiao_lianfa (Twitter)--
4@xiao_lianfa (Twitter)--
5@yammayos (Twitter)--
6@yammayos (Twitter)--
7@yammayos (Twitter)--
1@azulann (DA)
2@azulann (DA)
3@meimuu_ (IG)
4@Mindsebbandflow (DA)
5@Mindsebbandflow (DA)
6@kaispurr (DA)
7@Meowssenger (DA)
8@Meowssenger (DA)
9@asynchrony (DA)
10@lycheeblackt3a (DA)
11@lycheeblackt3a (DA)
12@VanillaHina (DA)
13O P E N
14O P E N
15O P E N
16O P E N
17O P E N
18O P E N
19O P E N
20O P E N


If you are interested in any of the offers, please fill up the form below and send it to me.Email


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